Steve Matthews

335, Louise-Lamy #101
Dorval, Québec
Canada  H9S 5V8

T :: (514) 631-7843

M :: (514) 588-1509


I am a seasoned (bilingual) writer/illustrator who crafts images and words in appealing combinations to communicate (usually technical) material to targeted (mostly b2b) audiences.

In a small business environment, where in-house resources may be scarce, my diverse skills can be handy. For example, you could ask me to create a product logo to add to a proposal, which I could help whip into shape with persuasive text, polished diagrams, and punchy charts. Then format it for print or web. Then turn the proposal into a work statement. And repurpose the diagrams for the reseller network. And so on.

Resources may be more plentiful in a corporate environment, but they are often overwhelmed. That's where another shoulder at the wheel can help. Need a manual produced for a looming deadline? Marketing materials for an impending trade show? How-to guides for the tech support staff? White papers? Training videos? Internal website updates? Been there, done all of that. And I can do it again for you.

I can help you get your message across… in pixels and words.